About Me

Olivier Estoppey - Professional Career

Through well-founded training and varied experience in tax and financial consulting, I am trained to work in a structured manner, to understand customer requirements and to respond to them individually. In asset management, I combine these skills with my longstanding passion for investing in order to offer tailor-made solutions.

Education and Qualifications

I studied law and economics at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). In addition, I was already thoroughly engaged in value investing during my studies. Therefore I experienced the financial crisis as an active investor.

During my studies I was actively engaged in the Association for Student Consulting. As project manager and president of the association, I was able to gain valuable early experience in consulting and management functions.

As a financial advisor at VZ Vermögenszentrum for clients, I dealt in particular with the following topics:

  • Development of income and wealth planning concepts
  • Retirement planning & tax optimization for private individuals
  • Preparation ans assessment of investment proposals

In cooperation with the tax division, I was able to support Bank CIC Switzerland in the following areas:

  • Clarification of specialised aspects in international tax law
  • Custody account analyses in a tax context
  • Tax statements for international tax purposes

For several years I was advising customers at PricewaterhouseCoopers on challenging topics such as:

  • Tax and financial optimisation for corporate and private clients
  • Business Development of major banks
  • Presentation of accounting as a management tool

My project in the Operations Legal department of Swiss Re included the following tasks:

  • Analysis and evaluation of process workflows
  • Introduction of a new record management system
  • Coordination and training of 140 employees

Trustworthy and With Highest Quality Standards

As a member of the VQF, I have committed myself to offering high-quality services in accordance with officially recognised code of conduct.


The VQF is a self-regulatory organisation (SRO) officially recognised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA). VQF is also an industry organisation for independent asset managers (BOVV). Its members are committed to complying with the "Code of Professional Conduct for the exercising of asset management" officially recognised by FINMA since 23 April 2009.

Investment Philosophy - Long-Term and Value-Oriented

Time and again I am asked what the best way to invest successfully is. A final answer cannot be given. Success depends in particular on the investment strategy.


In the late 1990s I followed the stock market boom and the bursting of the .com bubble at the turn of the millennium. What struck me was that share prices did often not reflect the actual course of business of the companies.


I started looking for solid answers. I finally found a good approach in "Value-Oriented Investing". The conservative, long-term approach best suited my ideas of investing hard-earned money wisely.


For more than ten years I have been pursuing my passion for value investing. I analyse and evaluate companies in order to identify good investment opportunities. I experienced both the financial crisis in 2007/08 and the sovereign debt crisis in 2010/11 as an active investor. The Value Investing strategy was my anchor in these times of rough seas. On the one hand I slept peacefully, on the other hand there were numerous opportunities to buy shares of good companies at incredibly low prices.


Understandably, many people cannot spend the time required to gain and apply the necessary knowledge. To those very individuals I would like to offer my services with a reliable, independent asset management.