Asset Management

Independent and Value-Driven

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."
Quote by Warren Buffett

The importance of deciding on the best investment should not be underestimated. Whether you achieve a positive return-on-investment depends on the investment strategy with well-defined investment criteria. I can support you with an individual asset management at reasonable terms.

Value Investing

The Process of Value Investing Asset Management
Value Investing Asset Management


Value Investing Focus

The goal of Value investing is to invest in high-quality companies that are undervalued by the market. The aim is to generate above-average returns and high yields and to keep losses to a minimum. Particular attention is paid to the quality, profitability and safety of the investments.


Only high-quality investments are selected. The intrinsic value of the investment the key factor in supporting the investment decisions. Every investment is based on carefully conducted fundamental analyses and valuations.



The earning power of a company or the dividend yield are only two of many factors to determine a company's profitability. The price you pay for it is equally important for your return. A detailed analysis is therefore essential. Only those who buy at favourable prices can benefit in the long term.



Strict guidelines and consistent risk management are applied to avoid poor investments. This includes a precise analysis of solvency and important indicators of debt in relation to assets and income.

Asset Management

Presentation of Individual Asset Management Strategy
Asset Management Strategy

Initial Meeting

In an initial, non-binding meeting we shall get to know each other so that I can respond to your specific needs.


Asset Management Strategy

In a later step, I will develop an optimised asset management strategy for you. It will combine your investment goals with your personal circumstances and wishes.

Individual Strategy and Support

As a result, you receive a holistic asset management strategy that is tailored to your individual needs. I will show you specific possibilities of action and support you personally in answering questions and making individual adjustments.


Grafic of Implementation of Asset Management Strategy
Implementation of Strategy

I will provide you with comprehensive support to ensure that your wealth strategy is implemented according to your specifications. If desired, I take care of all administrative matters that are necessary for the implementation. This also includes the subsequent development and management of the portfolio.

The Portfolio Structure

The foundation of your portfolio will be your individual asset management strategy. Your assets are invested in the defined asset classes (e.g. equities, bonds, real estate and commodities).


Investment Process

A structured investment process ensures that high-quality investments are selected for your portfolio.

Rebalancing and Survey of Your Investments

Grafic of Periodic Rebalancing
Periodic Rebalancing

Online Accessibility

You will receive your own online access. This gives you access to your deposit at any time. You can monitor the composition and development of your portfolio either on your computer or mobile via an application. I will also be personally available to answer any questions you may have.

Periodic Review and Adjustments

All investments are reviewed regularly. The strict guidelines regarding financial security serve to manage risks. Necessary adjustments are carried out immediately.

Fair Rates for Higher Returns

Management Fee
0.25% - 0.375% per quarter


Performance Fee
10% of net profit after fees with a High Watermark*.

No Kickbacks

In order to work independently and without conflicts of interest, I refrain from retrocessions, kickbacks, finder's fees etc. from third parties such as banks, fund companies, issuers, etc. If kickbacks should occur, these will be credited in full to the customers.


*In the case of a negative performance, the performance fee is not charged until the assets have returned to the level they had before the first negative performance (High Watermark).

Custody and Transaction Fees

It is in your interest as well as mine that the portfolio is not burdened by high custodian bank fees. Thanks to the cooperation with Swissquote you benefit from very favourable conditions.

  • Custodian Fees
    The custody fee amounts to a maximum of 0.1% per year and is limited to a cost ceiling of CHF 200. Compared to other providers, such as UBS and CreditSuisse 0.35% or BKB 0.25% (all without cost ceilings), this is highly competitive.
  • Transaction Fees
    Swissquote also offers excellent conditions for transaction fees. Depending on the transaction volume and asset classes, these range from CHF/EUR/USD 9 to a maximum of CHF/EUR/USD 190 (transaction volume > 50,000).

Swissquote is a trustworthy, recognized institution in online banking and the financial services industry. Swissquote has held the banking licence since 2001 and is supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Authority (FINMA).


I also do not receive any retrocessions or other payments from Swissquote.